I've been looking for a low wattage bedroom tube amp, and this seems to be one of the best. Does anybody have one, have any sound clips, or know of any dealers in Canada? Also, are there any other low wattage tube amps you could recommend for around that price range(600-700 CDN)? I play mostly rock, with a little bit of metal. I don't need a really high-gain amp.

Thanks for any help.
the only places i know of you can get matamp are factory direct from the website, which is in blackpool england lol, or dolphin music, also an english site. There awesome sounding amps btw, good luck on finding one

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I was looking at that too, looks really neat.
I'd also suggest the Fender Blues Junior. I've only tried it out once, but it sounded really nice.
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Can you order them from the factory? And do you know how much shipping is?
That is a cool little amp. I also like the Fuch's Lucky 7. Both are a bit pricey but seem nice. O, Fargen also makes a sweet little amp.
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check the website (google it lol), they may not ship to australia but u'll have to have a look.

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How small do you want to go? I have the half-watt Z.Vex Nano Head, and it's an awesome little classic rock amp. It's got quite a few features for an amp the size of a standard effect pedal.

The Epi Valve Junior is a great sounding, simple amp on the cheap.

The one worth waiting for might be the new Peavey Windsor Combo, a 15W combo with a built in attenuator. Loaded with features like an effects loop, footswitchable pre-amp boost, reverb, recording line out, etc. (click on the link for full details!). If I were looking at getting something like a Blues Jr or Crate V16 today, I'd probably wait 'til I got a chance to try out this Peavey, first.
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I'm looking for something small enough that i can play it full volume (or full power, a built in attenuator is great) in my room, but big enough that i can play with friends. I've looked at the EVJ, but i don't know if i could deal with only a volume control (I don't own any pedals). The Windsor looks good, and I'll see if i can try it out at the music place. Thanks for your help.
I was looking at that too, for Uni. It looks pretty damn great, just gotta see exactly what it sounds like...
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Well if you find out what its like, PM me. I found out that the only place that sells them in Canada is 600+km away from me, so theres no chance of me trying it. I may just have to can the idea, and go for something more local (maybe an Orange TT or Soldano something)(Any reviews on those?).
The TT kicks arse. That's my review.

It is good but it is pricey. You could look at the Epiphone Valve Special if you wanted some more features and it's not much more expensive than a VJ. It's a combo though, not just a head.