and i realized, this is a really really really BAD band. i mean i used to love it back in the day of middle school, but they are absolutley TERRIBLE

how the hell did they become some sort of "must listen" amoung skakids?
Slapstick. ska ska ska
I still like them quite a bit. However, I don't listen to them much anymore.
what part don't you like? the musicianship, the lyrics/message, or both?
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i like most of energy, but some of the songs suck, so i know what you mean.
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are you kidding me...they practically inspired the ska-punk sound whether that be a good thing or a bad thing to you. they wrote alot of good songs. plus we probably wouldnt have Rancid if it wasnt for op ivy. they contributed quite a bit to the ska scene, the only reason i'd consider them as being a must listen is becuz of their inspiring sound for bands to come
The sound quality may not be mega-bucks clean, but that only adds to the authenticity of their sound. Great band, shame about their life-span though. Still, each to their own.
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I don't really listen to them anymore, but I think it's probably because I listened to them so much back in the day. I still like them, though.
Because they're fun and relatable?

If you're into the super clean sound if that's what you're getting at, that's what we have Common Rider for!
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common rider doesnt sound anything like operation ivy. common rider is practically an indie band.

EDIT: but don't get me wrong, they're a great band. their album this is unity music is a pretty awesome record.

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Operation Ivy is one of the greatest punk bands of all time. Their music was absolutely brilliant. I'd kill to have that much talent and creativity.
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