Do you have that shit in the US/Western Europe? You know, when a subway or a bus ticket is only valid for 30 days and then, even if you can technically still use it, it becomes void?

If so, do you agree with this?

Cause over here there was a court case when a guy disputed this. He said it wasn't fair that you only have 30 days to use your, say, 15 ride ticket. I didn't understand whether he won the case or not, but that doesn't matter.

What do you think?
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On some tickets here, yes. It is not fair if you are entitled to 10 train rides but cannot use it because the ticket expires. I think the validity period should be longer.
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If you know it's only valid for a certain time before you buy it then I don't see the problem... if you aint gonna make good use out of it then don't buy it.