So how can i build up downpicking stamina???
im learning MOP and james hetfields a downpicker so i figured if im gonna learn a song i want to learn it authentically
so how can i?

Downpick mid-tempo punk songs. I used to be abled to play Misfits' Scream entirely with down picks. Lost the stamina when I learned to alternate.
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yeah, MOP is a great song to learn for downpicking, ive started learning it too
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Metronome, practice.

Thats what I do, trying to build up to MoP speed myself, so if anyone got any good advice I'd be happy.

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well if it comes with pick, I say get it!
Try Shadows Fall - Destroyer Of Senses
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!
Best way is to put a metronome on at 80, and downpick for 20 minutes at that tempo. It doesn't matter what you do as long as it is all downpicked.

Do this every day, and raise the tempo either everyday if you feel comfortable, or every couple of days...

The beauty part of this is that you can do it while watching tv.

If anyone's interested about this, i had the same problem and thats what a guitar tutor at my college told me. It's pretty similar to working out, its more about indurance than speed.

Btw, pick 8th notes! forgot to mention that :P
In Master of Puppets there are Alternate Picking parts, what James Hetfield Downpicks for are "Heavy" riffs such as the presolo to Master of Puppets or the verse parts in Enter Sandman. Hetfield uses alternate picking when needed, For example Metal Militia or Fight Fire With Fire.
Slightly elevating your hand or not anchoring while performing similar excersises may help improve stamina.
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Downpick mid-tempo punk songs. I used to be abled to play Misfits' Scream entirely with down picks. Lost the stamina when I learned to alternate.

That's not normal, you shouldn't literally "loose" it.
I basiaclly only use downstrokes since i started playing, take songs you'd usually alternate pick, and just downpick them, that works alright
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Check out for the intro riff of Creeping Death and Blackened, they are easier than MoP and is good to start building stamina.
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Just play songs you know with only downpicking, start with a slower one and work your way up to Master of Puppets.
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