Ok, i'm really frustrated here. A little while ago, I had my feet up on my desk. As I was putting my legs back down on the ground, my foot hit the volume and gain knobs of my roland microcube. Apparently it knocked somehting loose and so turning the knobs wouldn't change the volume at all. I opened it up and sorta fixed it, but now it's done it again and I can't fix it this time. Here's a pic of my problem:

I can't get piece 1 (the part which turns when you turn the knob) to fit correctly inside of piece 2. Apparently, when you turn the knob, it turns the shaft (piece 1) which then turns the inside of piece 2, changing the volume. Well this won't work anymore, and my volume's stuck at max.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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bring it to a proffesional
would cost like 50$ thou
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a now broken tube amp

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keep it at max

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When it comes to amps, I don't mess with the insides too much, unless I know I can fix it. Take it to a professional. Chances are, you might make it worse rather than better.
Just go to a guitar store and get a new...I dunno what that's called; it's likely a potentiometer but it doesn't look like any pot I've seen before.
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looks like a broken pot.

about $10. the points going thru the green board is where it's soldered on to it.

i dont mess with amps tho.

if u feel like doing it urself, repost this in custom section. there are a few guys can talk u thru it.

kerry, gutch, a couple others.

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It wouldn't be hard to do. It only looks like 3 (pretty badly) soldered joints. A simple 5 minute fix.
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That looks really easy to fix. just buy a new pot(s), unsolder the old one and put on the new one. Everything looks pretty accessible so that helps a lot. Beginner soldering skills are needed. If you can't find the exact pot from the manufacturer, get some schematics and purchase a similar value pot. All-in-all it's probably a $20, 30 minute job. I'm sure any amp tech could fix it cheaply in one day.