Recently bought my vox amp. But i have a query.

Whenever i change amp settings, from lets say Boutique Clean to NuMetal, it always starts with the highest possible gain. I have to slightly move the gain knob to change the gain to whatever level it is supposed to be.

For example i am using boutique clean with gain at 10oclock. Then i change to numetal or any other amp setting, it sounds like the gain is at max. I have to move the gain knob to 11oclock to "reset" the gain to the lower level.
Is it normal for the gain setting to go max when i change amp setting?

Pardon me if my description is bad, sorry.
Are you in the channels, or in manual? If you're in the channels, it just means that the gain is probably set pretty high already. In manual, there might actually be something wrong.
When it's in preset it's "rebooting" when you switch channels. That means that when you change between the modelling amps it's reseting it self. Try put it in manual.
Yeah theyve got the idea, the preset for Nu-Metal is high gain, so when your in preset mode itll use that preset. If you use Manual mode and wherever the knobs are is what the settings will be.
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have you read the manual in the preset option it has a gain level already set its all in the manual