I want a 2nd guitar to serve as my "always drop-tuned" guitar, for many of the power-chord based songs I play, and then my Epi Les Paul can stay in standard tuning for alot of the other rock I play. I would like this second guitar to have the active EMG's installed.

I do not like floyd rose and floating bridges in general, by the way.

I have a chance to pickup a used Ibanez SC for $250, and then I can spend a couple hundred on EMG 81/85's and getting them put in. Or, I can pickup a used Schechter Hellraiser C-1 with the EMG's pre-installed, just get my straploks put in and I'm done, but for an extra hundred bucks.

Which way would you go? I'm curious about opinions, thanks.
SC would be Japanese, with a bolt-on 22 fret neck (AANJ), and short scale (24 3/4"), and a stoptail bridge. Generally excellent guitars, and if they were long scale, I'd get one for myself.

Hellraiser's Korean, set neck, full 24 fret 25 1/2" scale, and a string-thru. The neck's much fatter than the SC if that matters to you.

Keep in mind, you'd need heavier strings to downtune and keep low action on a short scale guitar, although it will feel more familiar to you, since LPs are also 24 3/4". I'm sure modding the SC with EMGs will cost you less than a more-or-less new Hellraiser (especially if you install the pickups yourself), and the Ibanez is Japanese, which is always a plus, but I'd only recommend if it you're comfortable with playing on 11s or 12s. If not, and money's not an issue, and you're okay with chubby necks, then go for Hellraiser. I mean, everyone has one, so it's gotta be at least okay.
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I would go for Schecter, you really don't need anymore in a metal guitar than what you have with a Hellraiser.