Hi everyone

1) is this real or photoshopped?

2) How do you pronounce Tom Delonge's last name? I assume since it's a name of french origin, it's pronounced DeLon-j. But in Guitar World, they make puns about his name as if it's pronounced Delong.

Don't say oMG bliInk182 is liek]gh3y LOL

1. you can tell by the expression on matt heafys face its not photoshopped.

2. I think its pronounce delong, but i cant say ive ever asked him
Haha, i'm not huge trivium fans, but i've seen that video interpretation thing and I reckon that is quite cool of them to not be overly bothered.
Funny words.
1. not photoshopped, despite the randomness

2. i think its delonje
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oMG bliInk182 is liek]gh3y LOL

1)its real, some people are really that strange

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I dont know if its photoshopped. Its De lonj. And its spelled "question". Get a damn education

It's called a joke back where I come from. And where I come from is planet earth, for your information. Stupid serious people.

And the reason I'm asking about the picture is because I'm surprised at Trivium's reaction to a video which calls them the (second) gayest metal band ever. I mean, some artists would go write a song about it (*love me or hate me* whatever), but these guys seem to have a more humorous approach. I don't like their music, but that demands some respect.
WOW you're from the 1500's....

Or whenever it was the Normans conquered
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