I'm planning on customizing my epiphone sg special, I have started to take everything off it, hardware and everything else. The peice that the bridge and the tail piece(i think thats what its called) are attached to that goes inside of the body i cant seem to get out. Are there any special ways to get those peices out?

Oh and one last question, i got the treble/ rhythm switch out pretty easily, but the peice that says treble/rhythm i cant seem to get off. Any suggestions on that would be great?

Id like answers as soon as possible because i want to get this project off the ground and going so i can have something to do in my spare time other than play guitar.

The 'bridge pieces' that he means are the bushings, I think..
Yea i think they would be called the bushings, the metal peices that sink into the body. Theres 4 of them.
If you don't plan on refinishing it, don't take out the bushings.

As for the selector thingie, it's glued on. Again, don't take this off if you don't plan on refinishing it.

What are you going to do with it?
I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't belive me.
Im planning on refinishing it, new pickups, so i need to take everything off.

Edit: heres a picture of the things im talking about, you see those 4 holes where the bridge and tail piece would go, i need those out. This isnt my guitar, mine is red, the batteries for my camera are charging right now, ill get pics up soon.
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Get some bolts that fit into the bushings. Then get out a nice piece of plank, borad or whatever (not too thick- it's just to prevent damage to the face of the body) and a pair of pliers. like this:

^that seems to be a good way to do it

about the rythm/treble thing, take a slotted screw driver and just try to get it under the thing, and knock it carefully with a hammer. Be careful not to damage the thingie (don't know what to call it yet) or the wood of your guitar.
I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't belive me.
Thanks for all the posts, i got the treble rhythm thing out, with all of your help .. now i gotta try the other things. Thanks for that drawing Pikka Bird.
Mutated_Riff said once that he uses a claw hammer and a pad of paper to get bushings out. The pad of paper helps distribute the pressure better than a block of wood.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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^Yeah, you screw out dowels from furniture like that (by screwing right through it and forcing it out like that). I figured stripping the thread wouldn't be that bad if the bolt is bought specifically for that purpose. Also, there are bolts that don't have threads all the way to the head.

However, the screwing thing should actually be better, since it'll create an evenly distributed pull upwards, whereas an inexperienced individual might wiggle a little too much with the pliers, and embiggen the hole.

@Will_Minus: How does paper distrubute weight better than solid wood? That doesn't make sense to me. It'd have to be pretty thick cardboard at least. I know this, because I worked for an upholsterer for a couple of years.
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^ I'm not sure, I'm just passing on information that I've seen. Ask Mutated Riff.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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Just to elaborate on the screw trick, because some people need it step by step: You dump a small rock or a ball from a ball bearing or something down the hole in the bushing. Then you insert a bolt with a matching thread that's long enough to make it to the bottom of the bushing and then quite a bit and just screw it into the bushing until you reach the bottom. Then you screw some more. The bushing should start to come out as you keep turning the bolt, so keep it up until it's all the way out.

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How are you gonna refinish it? What pickups are you putting in it? Tell us moore!

Im thinking of doing some shade of orange, ive never seen an orange sg, and i think it would look pretty cool, with a little white thrown in somewhere, im not to sure where though, im still in the design process. And for pickups im not really sure, i was thinking Dimarzio's tone zones. But if you have any suggestions ill be free to listen


Edit: These pickups would look pretty cool, i heard they sound pretty decent too.
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Have you fiddled around with Kisekae? Because I'd like to see what kind of orange finish you're thinking of...
Hmm, you just choose your guitar type and then it's all trial and error... I've tried whipping up an orange/white design based on what you said (maybe I missed something, I wasn't paying attention )

wow yea thats nice, kind of what i meant, ill show you in a minute.
Could you send me the link for that, i cant find it
I can't link directly, because of the referrer settings on the page. But you first go to http://www.nymphusa.com/tele/ and then choose "KISEKAE Virtual Guitar Modeling System". Then the SG should be there if you scroll down.
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