I guess this would only be for like people who own the two or at least use a distortion pedal with the ad15vt...i can't seem to find te best way to use the amp and the pedal combined. It is a modeling amp and all that but the gain on most of the models is very high and it gets quite loud and noisy ffeedback and all of tat. I guess what I'm asking is should i use it on the preset mode, the clean channel, or the manual channel? The distortion channel is out because thats overkill. The thing is I like to ave the level and distortion on the pedal all the way up. I've been messing around with the settings for quite some times and the pedal is amazing and yes its perfect for metal but I'm just wondering if any of you guys have found some cool settings that you like and would like to share...thanks a lot guys
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Use the manual channel lower the gain and keep the level on your pedal at like 12 o'clock.This might help,but I dont know.I use a Boss DS-1 so it might be different.