Hi everyone,
First post here so be gentle!!!!
I have just bought an ibanez edr470 ex off e-bay and it has come with no whammy bar.I took one off one of my other guitars and fitted it to the ibanez but there is no movement on the floyd rose whatsoever. I took the backplate off and there are 2 pieces of wood (properly shaped) in front and behind the block holding the springs. Is it safe to remove these pieces of wood or is there a reason for them being there that I am missing.

many thanks for any help.

Ya you can they just blocked it because they didn't want to use the floating trem.
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The reason they're there is most likely that your EDR has a Lo-TRSII floyd clone. That bridge is really shoddily made and is known for losing tuning if you blow at it. The previous owner probably blocked it off to gain tuning stability. You can remove the blocks, and the bridge will float, but it'll likely perform poorly, so don't throw the wood away.

On the bright side, the Lo-TRSII is a direct swap with the original Floyd Rose.
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