does anyone know a really good way of finding out if a girl wants to be more than just friends. I want to know because I want to ask this out this girl who am really good friends, but of couse if she says no its going to be really awkward every time i see her, so anyone got a good way to tell if see feels the same way without just coming out and asking.
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Make a move when you're both pissed and if she rejects you just blame it on the drink
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Ask her, and if she says no, rip off your phallis and throw it at her.
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As long as you keep it light and easy going, you could probably even just ask her and it'd be fine. It'll most likely only be awkward if you make it awkward. Just when you're joking around someday, just say, "Hey, can I take you out for lunch sometime?" or whatever you want to do, and you might have to clarify what you mean or something, but if she says she's not interested just let it go and put it off as if it wasn't a big deal and that it was just a thought that crossed your mind. Even if it was much more then a thought, telling her this won't really help the situation if she's already decided not to.
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Just get a little more touchy feely. Give her a bigger hug goodbye etc. If she's comfy keep going!.

I don't mean hug then fug - I mean make it a little longer each time.
same problem, man. But it looks like we aint getting any serious answers.
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Or just tell her you know me. She'll be so impressed she's bound to screw you (altough she'll only be using you to try and get to me)
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!
well, this is just from expierience man, but just ask her if she wants to grab a coffee at the weekend, and she may expand, meaning she likes you, but if she doesn't, have coffee with her anyway, and just treat her like a friend

if you manage to get her to go to the cinema with you, watch out for signs. If your arms are both on the arm rest, hold her hand, and you're basically in from there.

or, if its just coffee and not much happens, at the end of it just say "look, i've liked you for a while, would you go out with me?"

just don't get too down about it if it goes wrong, or things'll get awkward and you'll lose her as a friend as well
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Relationship thread, please.
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