A good supply of tablature!
i know alot of bands are more to the underground/uk music scene
but still it sucks finding a good band and hearing a lick you wanna jam hard
only to not beable to learn it unless you put the time upon time to try and figure it out by ear.
anyone have good tab sites for metal?
im mainly looking for some Manticora right now they are ****in insane shit some crazy temp changes i wanna get down.
Your better off learning to do it by ear anyway. Once you get it down it's easier and faster then looking up tabs anyway.

This site is pretty much one of the best for metal tabs so I don't know what to tell you there.
Emperor just came out with a tab book.....

although i can't find it anywhere. Damit, im gonna hav to get it online.
It's been said, but start learning by ear. I use tabs sometimes, but usually I try by ear firt. I'll usually just use the tab after I finish, to revise and check what I've come up with with what's already tabbed.

EDIT:Unless it's some insane shit like Necrophagist or Sleep Terror or newer Cryptopsy(Once was Not), then forget it. Then it's either tab or I'm ****ed and accept the brutal truth of it.
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I usually learn everything thats in standard tuning by ear. But i have to admit that sometimes when it comes to black metal the quality of the recording makes it impossible to hear whats going on. Same with death metal, i for one cant figure out whats happening when i try to learn any death metal by ear.
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I don't know if this is allowed but if it isn't please don't warn me because I'll be back to bansville, just delete it. metal-tabs.com has a decent amount of metal tabs last time I checked, which was awhile ago. Not as good as UG for sure though
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Emperor just came out with a tab book.....

although i can't find it anywhere. Damit, im gonna hav to get it online.

it's not a tab book, when i flicked through it, it was all musical notation. maybe there was tabs too but i didn't see it.