I'm a guitar newbie and when I sit on a bench and play guitar I can play 5 songs without feeling any pain in my arms but when im standing up I play 1 song and I feel like my arm that hits the strings is gonna fall off.WHY?????????????
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Just because it's not used to the movement. when you're sitting it needs less movement, and most likely you rest it on something (like your knee). Just practice. Stamina will come with the songs etc.
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Acoustic or electric? With a strap or without?

BTW why do you wish you lived in Ontario not in Quebec?
electric with a strap

I wish i lived in ontario because the music in quebec sucks and the beer is less expensive in ontario
Trust me I'm a doctor

A doctor with a mustache
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Ok, sit down and adjust the strap so that when you stand up its in the same position in relation to your body.

That way nothing changes andd you'll be just as comfortable either way.