I tried finger picking for the first time last night, because, well as any guitar player, I want to expand my areas of skill. I tried a song I was familiar with, and that seemed easy, this being "Razor" by Foo Fighters. I learned the song, and all went well, and I was excited about learning more. My picking finger was naturally bothering me a little bit, I went to bed and though nothing of it. Well I woke up this morning, and there is a..well kinda whitish patch of skin about 2 cm in length on the tip of my right index finer(the finger i picked with). I would have though for sure this was a callous, and my finger is getting tougher, but I also used my thumb(anyone who knows the song knows you need to use two fingers) and my thumb is fine.

So my final question, is this indeed a callous? or something worse?....
well, when i play bass my fingers sometimes cap up a little bit. just keep playing, it should start to feel better after a little while
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It's probably a blister; I get them when I have to play bass for music class performances etc. (I'm a very occasional bassist) and use my fingers instead of a pick. It's best to leave the skin on there, even if it doesn't hurt, until it begins to flake off or become a hindrance.
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congrats, youre getting callouses, this is a very special day
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thanks dudes.

and it does, indeed hurt.


Then it's a blister. Leave the skin on, but if it becomes too unbearable, poke the blister with a needle to release the pressure, that should alleviate some pain.
If you're really interested in fingerpicking, i suggest you grow your fingernails a bit. They don't have to be that long. That will take a huge load off your fingertips, and fingernails give a very nice tone too imho, especially if you file them down smoothly. And you can still play with skin for those warm notes if you file the sides down.
I fingerpick a lot and have been for a few years, but i still don't have many callouses on my right hand. A bit on the left side of each finger, but i never got any blisters.

Or you could get fingerpicks.
Either way, it saves you the trouble of having to play with blistered fingers. It hurts and you'll get blood on your guitar.