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Ok, i'm really frustrated here. A little while ago, I had my feet up on my desk. As I was putting my legs back down on the ground, my foot hit the volume and gain knobs of my roland microcube. Apparently it knocked somehting loose and so turning the knobs wouldn't change the volume at all. I opened it up and sorta fixed it, but now it's done it again and I can't fix it this time. Here's a pic of my problem:

I can't get piece 1 (the part which turns when you turn the knob) to fit correctly inside of piece 2. Apparently, when you turn the knob, it turns the shaft (piece 1) which then turns the inside of piece 2, changing the volume. Well this won't work anymore, and my volume's stuck at max.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Ok apparently i'm dealing with a broken pot. I 'm assuming that's the 'piece 2' highlighted in my picture up there. Any advice on doing this myself?
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Buy a new pot and install it. They're not expensive at all. Look on that one for the correct value and taper (or find a schematic somewhere).
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