hey, okay ive tried google and a few other sites.

Does anyone have any idea where on earth i can find a gig bag that will fit an LTD Explorer, i've thought about the normal explorer style bags but im not sure mine will fit, due to the ehm. Spikes?.

Any ideas in UK online i can get one? Im gona try Dawsons tomorow, but mhm, anywhere online? to fit this guitar.
I dunno about bags but I've been looking at these weird "extreme case" it comes with a slab of foam and you cut it to fit around your specific guitar. Obviously it's fo larger, pointy guitars like Xplorers and Vs.

I think they're abit pricey though.
i have an ltd explorer, what i ended up doing was buying a b.c. rich gig bag, that might be your best bet. i never found a hardshell to fit it.
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ah. Dawsons, got a warrick thing. £49.50 and its brilliantly padded so, im gd now, ty all.
i ordered my ESP gigbag from the dealer. Has a nice cushioned inside but the neck has no support (compared to Ritter gigbags) and the synthetic leather tends to rub off where the carrying handle is.
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