i think this is the right thread to post this in, i hope it is anyways
ive got my junior cert music practical exam coming up in three weeks, i have till then to learn three songs to play for it.
i dont really learn tabs, just mess around, so the only song i actually know is the trooper.

so three songs that are fairly impressive but that i can learn in three weeks? any ideas?

i was thinking europa by carlos santana as an easy one to start with so just two more?

thanks guys
Ahhh, I remember my Junior Cert

I don't know what skill level they expect as I never did music in school...I just wanted to say go Ireland
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i'd say your guitar is out of tune, or you are accidentally muting strings that you aren't trying to, or your right hand isn't strumming at the same time that your left hand is fretting, or you could be reading the tab upside down...