Where can I go to learn how to play something?

i want to learn bourree by bach, can this be played on the violin?

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You arent gonna be able to find any sites that tab out violin music if thats what you're looking for.

You have to learn to play violin the old fashioned way.

I was once looking for a tab for how to play Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve, on the violin, and I had no luck at all.

Mainly because a violin has no frets so it's kind of impossible to tab out.

Go get a teacher.

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just go to a music store and buy some books until you develop a lot of skilll, then try to learn it by ear. you can also look online for vilolin music, but i think it costs money. even if it's not written for violin, you can still play it on one if you know the notes in the clef.
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I don't know, actually
I started with the Suzuki-methode (most common)
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get lessons. the violin is a very difficult instrument to play, but its worth it.
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Good luck with that. I know people who have been playing since they were in 4th grade, and they're still not very good. Tough instrument.