Hey my soloing and improvisation is okay but ut could be better can anyone give me any pointers? I'm into bluesy licks on the spot, and i already know the pentatonic scales and the blues scales.
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well describe kind of wut you can do, if i dont know where ur at...i cant really advise anything. how many years of experience? wut do you play? are you a riff type person, soloing....blues soloing, shred soloing, wut scales you know...

i mean i need just a lil background info
Simple answer. The way i would go about this is to listen to different styles in the genre you want to play like.

What many novice guitarists don't realize is that improvising (also referred to as "soloing") does not involve playing a series of random notes, in the hopes that they will sound great together. Rather, guitarists generally draw their guitar solos from a scale, using it as a template to improvise with.

Practice the scale forwards and backwards, using alternate picking, making sure to play each note cleanly and evenly. Next, try playing each note twice before moving to the next note. Invent different ways to play the scale that will challenge yourself technically.

Learn how to use multiple guitar techniques in a lick(not a note). For example, use a vibrato and a slide, a bend and a slide, a double stop and a hammer-on. This will really add some fire to your guitar solo.
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