if I wanted to have anal sex with him!

I have never done it, nor is he the type of guy that would want it. Im a little worried to be honest, lately he has been more into the idea of anal sex and it seems its the only hole he wants to "play with" if you catch my drift.

One of his friends recently came out and it has been a big shock for him. It was somebody who he has hung out with long before he knew me, but lately, we have not been hanging out as much due to him hanging out with his friend. he said he needs to support him, but last time we were all togather, he was walking closer to his friend than me, and was pretty touchy with him. not in a sexual way, just a way that friends do not normally touch. They go to the movies and go out to dinner, the last time we actually went out, as in not being at one of our houses was about 3 weeks ago.

I never questioned my boyfriend until now, i dont want to think he is gay, but since he has now all of the sudden asked for anal sex Im getting a little worried. Should i do it, and hope it gets out of my system or do you think it would lead him into the gay lifestyle?

Sex thread
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He's definetely gay.

Have fun and don't forget to take it slow and lube!
This is going to get locked because it's a sex thread, but I'll try to give an answer. Odds are he's just curious about it, and keeps getting more curious about it. Just because he wants to do that doesn't make him gay, I remember reading that about 30% of heterosexual couples have done it, so it's a fair size group of people. You could read up on it and decide whether or not you want to try it as well.
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Throw a flash bang at him.
It sounds like he wants to get into your system.....gigidy gigidy goo......bad joke,
sorry uhh

Maybe he heard his freind say how good it feels and wants to see for himself.
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like he wants to do anal on u or u on him???
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i know alot of straight people that just prefer the stink instead of the pink for some reason.

im more more of a vagina man myself
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like he wants to do anal on u or u on him???

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Quoting yourself is cool.

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Wait, true...be specific...u just said he WANTS anal sex...does that mean u'll use ur 13 incher on him!!!???
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Quoting yourself is cool.

WARNING: I kill threads.
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Threadstarter god banned, yo.

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Throw a flash bang at him.
Don't worry. Your an idiot. I bet your not even a girl and just some pimply 12 year old on his little computer in his basement. Bleah.
It's funny how guessed what this was all about just by reading the title , ah banned... well anyways just ask him how he feels about his friend!
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do it. some people like the stink better than the pink, i dont, but thats there preference. my gf told me it feels good, so do it if you want
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[quote="'[A"]cetate']some people like the stink better than the pink,

I think that is the most romantic thing I've ever read
Every man wants to try anal sex at least one time. It's a normal thing. Just tell him the truth, that you are not comfortable with that and you don't want it. That's it.

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I think that is the most romantic thing I've ever read

if thats true......

its a little sad