im determined to change by 3 tele vintage barrels (made of chromed steel) to brass ones. apparently brass sounds much, much better and is well worth it. I have a vintage style bridge and i find it really comfortable and nice to rest my hand on. i was going to just go for 3 brass barrels like on the '52 teles but my teacher said to buy a modern bridge with 6 brass saddles for better intonation. thing is my intonation is spot on at the moment even with only 3 chrome saddles. i find the modern bridges less comfy but they are supposed to be better.

should i get 3 brass saddles and keep the vintage bridge or get a modern bridge with 6 brass saddles? also on the fender website ive seen a vintage style bridge with 6 saddles, but ive never seen them in a shop. do they exist in the uk? are they worth getting?

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the 6 saddles do not have as much sustain or tone... with the 3 saddle ones theres more pressure which means more sustain
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If your intonation already is dead on, stick with the vintage. It looks a lot better then the modern as well.
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