i've been looking into getting a digital multi-effect pedal for a few weeks(something along the lines of line 6 pod xt live). i haven't touched a digital pedal in a few years but the ones i used to play around with all had a split second sound drop when switching from clean to dist or any other effect. what i'm trying to find out is if that sound drop is still in the digital pedals and if not, what are some good ones without the delay
newer ones are really good i dont use em because i only use 2 effects but if ur gonna get a digital multi effects make sure u buy one of those expensive ones
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I tried out the Digitech RP multi-effects as they seem to be quite popular (probably because they're cheap) and there was definitely a hiccup in switching patches. What was worse (at least for me) was that if you had the drum machine playing, and switched patches, the drums would reset so that there was a skip in the beat. I guess its not that big of a deal, but I jam with a friend without a drummer, so this would be quite annoying.

I ended up buying a Zoom G2.1u. Its more expensive than the RP's, but I think less expensive than something like the Boss one or the PodXT. It is great for messing around with, direct recording (it has a USB port and amp/speaker modeling), writing and jamming with friends. It is not designed for gigging, though. The body is metal and seems durable, but the footswitches are too close together such that I wouldn't feel confident on stage that I was going to hit the right one.
Serious man, Pod xt live will not let you down, its simply brilliant imo. Not as good as singles but still VERY good! I nearly bout one.

Also that problem could of been solved, when that happens the effect level is lower that the opposite effect level (Clean to dist.) so just level them out!!