So after my band have now become quite successful in the local area. With at least a gig week in reasonable venues. We sub-headlined the biggest venue in Northamptonshire the other week (800-1000 capacity), I've been considering an extension cabinet to add to my 4x10 combo.


that's the combo, currently pushing 185 watts (or thereabouts) into the 8 ohm internal speaker. I'm looking at adding a 1x15 cabinet (or possibly another 4x10) to bring it up to the full 300watts that it can deliver and to increase my low-end somewhat.
However, I realise that in many of the larger venues I've been playing at, my bass is simply Di'ed. So no-one is hearing my cab sound as such? So would it actually be worth the extra effort to get one and drag it to gigs etc.?

Another consideration is that as I currently own a combo. I could later on substitute my combo for a head with the extenstion cab and have myself a halfstack.
The extention cab's i've been looking at are these:



my price range is pretty broad, but no more than the price of those cabs would be good.

N.B I'm actually from the UK, i'm using the musician friend links for ease of reference to the products.

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If you're looking to expand from the MAG300 then I think the MAG 115 or similar cabinet is the way to go. Swapping your combo for a head doesn't seem good economy to me, depending on what the head is. With an extension cab you can take it as and when you need it, and not when you don't so you'll still have the relative convenience of a combo.
I think for bigger shows just buying a louder head + a new 410 would be optimal.

But if you're always just DI'd... might not even be worth it?
I believe a bass player cannot have too much headroom. I'd go with the 15 without blinking. I wish my combo had something like that, but it's 250W full powered into 210's.
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I've got a MAG 400W 410 combo (an old British made one) and I'll be adding a 115 when I've got that cash. I wouldn't want to use a MAG with only the 15" speaker though - I didn't get too excited about the tone when I tried that combination out. Coupled with the ten inchers though it sounds killer.
Nor did I actually smb, thought it sounded a bit to deep on it's own.

Thanks for the advice on this situation, I didn't consider the outdoor gigs situation and how that could be affected, and considering how we hope to be playing a fair few outdoor gigs this summer. I think i'll wait for now and when summer comes around i'll start seriously looking at those cabs.

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Get a 1x15 for the lows and the extra power, just in case you don't get DI'ed (rare, every gig i've played i've been DI'ed)
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