Can anybody please give me some Jazz chords other than 7th chords, specifically 9th chords. I always get stumped with the 9th; I can't seem to find those in a comfortable position, seeing as how the ninth is the second. Any feedback will be much appreciated.
if you go in the lesson page they have a lesson on jazz chords it shows a bunch if that helps
If you can't find a comfortable voicing...

Removal Options:

1. Omit the fifth and find a voicing.
2. Omit the root and find a voicing. All you have to do now is fret 2 frets above where the root was.

The second option may not give the right effect all the time, since you are relying on someone else to play the root.

A few voicings here:

e  3  X (8)
B  1  4  8
G  2  5  8
D  1  5  7
A  X  X  8
E  1  5  X

These are F9s. The first contains all the notes. The second is in first inversion (that means the third is in the bass) and the root is omitted). The third voicing has the fifth omitted (edit: optionally)

There are more options, of course, but I'll leave those to you.
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I dont know how to do code so ill just give it in tab form of my favourite voicings: (All are in key of F)

1 3 1 2 1 4 - Probably the easiet shape
x 8 7 8 8 8 - can be a bit awkward sometimes
13 12 13 12 13 13
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 Dm9  D9 Dmaj9 Dmaj(6/9)

some nice moveable voicings for common 9th chord


Those all don't have a 5th. If you play rootless voicings for 9 chords that include the 5th, they are the same shapes as those of m7b5 and m6 chords. I'll let you work those out for yourself.

Edit: Remember that there are many more voicings to figure out. The ones above are just from the top of my head. There are dozens more.
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