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hands down.
theyre sharp
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Because there is a bomb in the lasagna!

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make loud howling noises and throw your feces at them whenever they bring it up, I suggest that your GF does the same.
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Paper FTW!

...if they play rock. If they play paper it's a tie, and if they play scissors, you lose. But I still like paper.
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like 75% of the time if you play rps with someone they will pick scissors first. ive played a ton of times with friends and its scissors first most of the time.
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Good ol' rock, nothin' beats that.

I was going to say that
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i dont care which one i just pick one and use it over and over and dont stray from it. no one suspects you to keep using the same thing so it works

Yeah, but after like 6 or so rounds they start to catch on, so you have to start doing random for a while. But it does give you a good beginning lead.
That 70's Show was classic ... Rock always wins! Okay, let's play a new game ...

Nuclear Bomb, Cockroach, or Boot!

Nuclear Bomb always wins!
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im goin with skizzors cause they're so versatile,

i mean, it cuts paper like a champ,

and in real life, a rock couldnt do shit to a good 'ol pair of scissors.
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They're very religious, so they have butt sex to save their virginity.
Rock on the first throw. Someone else already said it, but it's been proven that if you surprise someone into rock-paper-scissor-ing, over 75% of the time their first throw will be scissors.
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No my friends Dinosaurs walked this earth with Man.

I like scissors cause people think you're gonna try to over power em with rock so they take paper so you catch em there...
-One, two, three. Paper covers rock.
-It is a rock, though. Should beat everything.
-There's not a lot of logic to it. It's kind of like on a boat with "Women and children first." I mean, why should they...

Any guesses what this is from??? Without a search engine?
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Gotta go with rock. If it loses, get a bigger rock, and problem solved.
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It smashes scissors and rips through papers.

haha that was on seinfeld like an hour ago
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Scissors, because they're damn sharp.
I try to get a glimpse of what the other person uses before I choose. It's not cheating though. They always do it early.
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Paper. Everyone always starts with rock and you get the early lead when playing best 2/3.
Rock. It destroy scissors. Paper covers rock, but rock rips through. The person who made is up is dumb. Very dumb.
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Its not actually Rock, Paper and scissors its symbolic!

Rock is hired thugs!
Scissors is an assassin type bloke!
Paper is a wealthy man!

Rock vs Paper: Wealthy man pays off Hired thugs
Scissors vs Paper: Assassin kills wealthy man ignoring the bribes
Rock vs Scissors: Hired thugs crowd assassin dude and beat him to death with his own arm

Something like that
Scissors because if my opponent beats me I can stab the motherphucker in the blinkers.
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