After a few minutes of searching, I managed to find someone who could direct me to my sister. As it turns out, the graveyard was arranged chronologically, so my recently (in the grand scheme of things, at least) admitted sister was near the end. It would be quite a walk, as this cemetery prides itself in that some famous poets from two centuries ago are buried here. They are distinguishable because poets are poets even in death; they subscribe to the faux artistic belief involving a nameless and dateless epitaph. Kind of defies the point, doesn't it?

As I passed through, I couldn't help but notice some of them. I came upon one that used all nine square feet for one massive obelisk. I couldn't tell you how high it was because I'm not great at judging distances. And I guess the people who buried him weren't either, since they neglected to realize that a grave so high would cast a shadow over their own graves behind it.

with splashes of blood, marble, granite, skin
- and camouflaged ebony -
Remus sings songs of praise
- and camouflaged regret -
fireworks litter the sky
- and camouflaged grave -
Remus sings songs of praise
- and camouflaged pride -
Crocodile tear syndrome
- and camouflaged emotion -
Remus sings songs of praise
- and camouflaged victory -
Romulus dehydrates.

That's probably why people are buried below ground. This one was unique though. I think the builders' successors learned their lesson. After a little while, we began to approach the center of this cemetery. These were smaller, for some reason. I remember a few.

Lost and Found

The Church denied Physics

Where the **** is heaven?

We soon neared my sister; someone nearby had gotten another tall grave.

with my sins forgiven,
the impact was much too temporal;
the fall did not last long enough

Whoever this was seemed to have started another trend, and everyone had tall graves again. A cousin or relative of some sort had a related epitaph.

I should have spread my arms
as an apple;
the fall did not last long enough

Then, we arrived at my sister's gravestone. As it turns out, she was the last person buried here.
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