Hey, this is my band. we record anything we fancy, from 99 red balloons to Toxicity and basically just have a good time while we're doing it. the way it seems to happen is we spend a while recording all of the instruments and then by the time we move on to the vocals, a couple more guys have arrived and we've all had a couple of pints. so what started as a serious song turns into a bit of a laugh really! jus try not to take us too seriously and im pretty sure you'l enjoy it

the live track was recorded from a gig we played at a mates party. bascially we played the music and got people from the crowd to sing. worked quite well actually!

so if anybody here is looking for a track that's 100% perfect in every way with no faults or problems at all, then this isnt really for you, but if u want a laugh and something casual to listen to then go for it

4 of our latest songs are up on our myspace but we have a load more under our belt


You guys are really good. Do you have any originals? If you do, then post those. I want to hear. It's a waste of talent if all you do is covers. But seriously- you guys ****ing kick ass.
I've added you since ages. You're amazing.
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