I looked through the forum and i didnt think i saw a thread for Rory or Taste, so i made this one. Im not sure if there are many/any fans here but i think they were a great blues rock band who could use a thread.
I really like Gamblin' Blues, yours?

Did you know, Rorys strat was likone of the first in ireland?
I didn't know that. I'd have to say my favourite is the obvious Blister on the Moon, followed by If The Day Was Any Longer. I don't really know much of his solo stuff, but I think he's possibly the greatest guitarist who ever lived. What would you recommend?
I don't have anything by Taste, but I've got a lot of Rory, and I can safely say that he is one of my favorite guitarists. He's a great musician.
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Im not sure wether it was his solo work, but Laundromat is great. if you look on youtube look for the montreux jazz version, he commands the whole stage.
Been meaning to listen to Taste for quite a while now. Am a huge fan of Rory's solo stuff, and I just ordered Taste's Live At The Isle Of Wight album.

I'm awaiting with bated breath, man.
whats a good album by Taste?
i got some of Rory's solo stuff. but none with his band.
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