i been wearin fenders, the ones with the strats one em, for almost a year.

i really dont care bout my shoes, but theres nothing protecting my feet any more, theyre all tore up. so i figure; might as well get some cool ones, neh?

so yea, i like shit from threadless, suspect, and beautiful decay, but theyre all shirts so i like artsy shit..

any ideas?
neh? perhaps you mean nay
google my friend, google
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get some sweet skate shoes
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Chuck Taylors. But then again, if you are okay with the fact that they are made in sweatshops in Asia and whatnot....
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nah dude i meant neh
i been sayin that since i was like 14yo, ya no?

yea i think ill get me sum sweet skate shoes, sucks i wanted something no one else had
K-Swiss? I have the Tongue Twisters, it's like a different pair of shoes every day! (Not really)

Or design your own Converse on their website or something.


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sucks i wanted something no one else had

Then why are you asking for website that sell shoes? Choose any pair of shoes from any shoe website and there will be thousands, maybe millions of people who own a pair.
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Man that's badass.

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