lets say i have a chord progression and it starts off with C, does my solo's first note have to start with C or how does it work?
Whatever's in that particular scale is usually a safe bet, so if you're playing a C major, for example, either an A minor or C major scale would work. Just practice and get a feel for it...there's no real "official" way to start a solo...whatever feels and sounds good to you is the right note for you.
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Is it really bad that all I know is minor scales? I sort of know major but not like I know minor.

Will it really hinder me?
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u can just use the relative minor scale for each key.
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Yeah you should probably learn major scales, since when you move from minor to a relative, it goes to major, right guys?
Well, if you learn a major scale in all positions, you can play the minor scale in all positions and vice versa, you just need to start the major scale from its sixth note and you'll get the relative minor