Ehm, i'm sure this is true but.

Is it true metallica now downtune their guitars as Hetfields voice has, somewhat suffored since the black album?

and erm..where did they say that, was it Some kind of monster or, just, from listening to them live over the past few years.
This is the type of stuff you'd ask in the Metallica thread, where people actually like Metallica and care. I haven't listened to them in ages and I probably won't again so I can't really say. Either way, Metallica thread is your friend.

They definatly downtuned on St. nger, and yes, Hetfield's voice sucks now. They woud be better if they kept the no solos thing, wrote some good riffs, and started back onto good drumming. Which they might do on their next album minus the no solos part. I hate Metallicas solos, and in fact, dspite the fact that when I pick up I guitar I just wank around with sweeps and legato tapping for about an hour and then go onto other things not guitar, I cant stand solos in music usually. I'd rather hear a good riff than some filler show offy wankery. If you're gonna show off, you'd better be able to make it fit and only do it when it fits the song, or write a solo album.
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uuh, nooo. all i wanted to find out, is if they downtune LIVE. i know they down tuned on st anger lol. does anyone know if they downtune live, for his voice?

Edit, sorry, wasnt very clear.
I don't see why they would downtune for songs that weren't originally downtuned just because of his voice. Most likely not.
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