So I've been teaching myself for 7 months now. Over the past 7 months I've been jumping around to different things and learning them. A know a few songs and I guess you could say I'm "ok" with what I've done so far, but I'm not happy with it. At times I feel very limited in what I can do on a guitar, and alot of the time I end up improvising at the same tempo over and over again. When I feel limited I don't play as much and I get very discouraged. I don't have much trouble with learning scales, although I have no knowledge of pentatonic scales, or any "official" scales for that matter. I enjoy playing Hard Rock and Metal. With my limited knowledge I think this is what is discouraging me. I am always thinking to myself, Damn, what am I doing just piddling around here? I should be learning the Aminor scale and I really need to know more chords. I mean I come across so many things that I should do, but I feel like I'm stuck in a rut here. So resourceful criticism or tips from UG would be very much appreciated.
I would only learn a few chords unless you plan to play alot of them...Scales are nice to learn but I would say you should make your own riffs for a little then learn a few more songs....It provides a nice little break...
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guitar tutor,,,,they can give you much better direction than learning by yourself if you can afford them. Even if you can only afford them everynow and then like once every two weeks or so they can take months and years off the time you would spend figuring stuff out

Although there are a few site that can give you a decent set of lessons to learn if you desperatly cant afford lessons. google "guitar master class" (i think thats what its called) and they have brilliant lessons, you have to subscribe to get full access but its still wya cheaper than a tutor (they accept currency from any country btw so no worries if you not amaerican,,i'm not lol)
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I reccommend getting lessons, especially if you're going to be a serious guitar player. Have them teach you musical theory, etc. Plus, having a teacher will give you a little more motivation to learn scales and chords.