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26 24%
3 3%
1 1%
9 8%
Rock N Roller
18 17%
Jazz Guy (hopefully no one!)
10 9%
I Dont Know
16 15%
25 23%
Voters: 108.
There are many types of people here and most seem like Metalheads (mostly because everyone talks about Dimebag) but i might be wrong so please vote.
Preppy Metalhead with gangsta influences.
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WTF? Jazz guy, hopefully no one? Jazz is an amazing genre.

I'm an alt/indie kid too, but I love all music except techno, rap, and metal....
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I love jazz, off to a jazz festival with my schools jazz band tomorrow too!

I'm more of a modern rock, classic rock, acoustic, metal kinda guy!
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poll hater

im starting to see noob like behaviour in many older registerd members.
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pothead shouldnt be on this list considering most of UG falls into that category as in another one.

as for myself im an alt kid
Diamonds, daisies, snowflakes
That Guy
Chestnuts, rainbows, springtime
Is That Guy
He's tinsel on a tree
He's everything that every guy should be
Sable, popcorn, white wine
That Guy
Gingham, bluebirds, Broadway
Is That Guy
He's mine alone, but luckily for you
If you find a guy to love
Only one guy to love
Then he'll be That Guy too!
That Guy!

That's me. But not really.
No blues?
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I am mostly the soulful kid who likes all music (except Dance) and likes tto play acoustic Guitar.
The Guy with feelings but not an Emo. The Guy who can Answer questions. The Guy who likes to play with himself.
I would consider myself a metalhead, but people need to remember that just because that's my personal preference, I'm not limited to one type of music.
What's wrong with being a jazz guy? Jazz is incredible music. Disregarding that entire genre is simply ignorant. Pat Martino ftw!

I'm a metalhead, on and off UG, simply because I listen to metal.

"My idea is that there is music in the air, music all around us; the world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require." - Edward Elgar
WTF DO YOU MEAN?!?!?!?!?!

hopefully no one?

you, my friend are a loser with no musical sense --'

.........i can hear the warnin a'comin..........
You're an idiot for saying that about Jazz. Jazz requires tremendous musicianship, it is has been and still is very influential in many other genres of modern music and most importantly, it sounds great.

Me, I'm into Blues, Jazz, Shred, Metal, 80's and the golden oldies.

Mostly Shred and Blues at the moment.

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This poll sucks. I'm a bassist. I listen to loads of music. None of these opions apply more than any other to me. Jazz > tomisamonkeyman
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Pat Martino ftw!

This is true.

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I'm known on UG as a grunger/shredder/blues lover however, i'm more into country/poprock and blues now. I don't really like rock all that much anymore.
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I'm a jazz guy. I don't get why you put hopefully no one next to it. Jazz is just as good a genre as Metal, Classic Rock, Modern Rock and any other one you want to name.
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A jazz influenced, prog, metal-head.
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Eh, im kind of everything really, but mainly im blues/hard rock (Aerosmith, G N' R, etc) or rock (Oasis, Darkness)
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why the hell did you put goths and emos in the same catagory?!?
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i dont really know.

i have a wide range of music that i listen to.

i like modern rock, classic rock, metal, punk, ska, some pop punk, some rap, some country, some shred, some jazz, some blues, etc.