now that i've finalized my pedal choice, im ready to build a pedal board.

i need something that holds the pedals in place, nothing really to protect them. i also need a way to hid the power lines.

any specs/ideas?


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How did yu build the board? what was the cost?
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You could get a plank of plywood and get some velcro and put it on the bottoms of the pedals and on the board.
Quote by interpol1988
How did yu build the board? what was the cost?

i didnt...

well how would i hide the power lines?
Bonus points if you cut the aforesaid piece of ply into 3 or 4 and angle it toward you.
Check the pedalboard tutorial in my sig and take a look at post # 4. That should pretty much give you what you need. Sorry I haven't actually written the text for the tutorial for that board yet, but it's a little more complicated. You don't need the hardwood end blocks for that design, but it's nice to have. I'll try to update that one as soon as possible. You could also build the board in post # 2, but hollow the core out and top it with a piece of malamine and route all of the wiring inside of it. It's really not that difficult, and it helps to use the aluminum channel on the edges of the board on that application. I'll try to post some more pics and computer renderings of what I'm talking about tomorrow. PM me if you like the design and need some additional help building it.