Mine is the DD-3 Deleay pedal
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Hmm...I a big Boss guy, mos of my pedals are Boss. My favorite is my Big Muff, but Boss would have to be....

Blues Driver.
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My DD-6.
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Well, I only have a CE-5 Chorus pedal, so I'll say that.

Gives me a wicked headache though. Hope it's my amp, not the pedal.
I don't own any good pedals (ZOOM 707II is as far as I get...), but I've used a good few at my local guitar shop.

I like the Acoustic Simulator, Metal Zone, Super Distortion, and Blues Driver.

Haven't really messed with too many more.

I would kill for a GT-8, though.
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Seeing as the only BOSS pedal I have right now is the GE-7, I'd go with that.
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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I just ordered the Blues Driver, so that. I haven't really heard many, but I thought the Blues Driver was the bee's knees as what you youngsters call it now days.
MT-2 Metal Zone

The only problem I have with it is that it doesn't cut through very well in a band situation, even with boosted mids.
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ME-50 cuz i have one, but hopefully soon ill get the phase shifter, dont know the model #
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I don't like BOSS....

But I'd enjoy one of their chromatic tuners, they look so nice.
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not a huge boss fan, but i really like my boss phaser. i can get some weird sounds with that thing and some distortion, and it sounds really good if you set it low just to spice up the cleans too.

DS-1 Distortion or DD-3 Digital Delay.
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RC-2 Loop station is pretty sweet.

FV-500H volume peddle is pretty solid too if a little bulky.
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RC-2 Loop station is pretty sweet.

I wish I had one

I think my boss ME-50 works great
GT-6 works wonders for me. But for a single pedal... i like the SD-1 Super Drive for the value.
I own 5 boss pedals and I like them all except the AW-3 wah because no matter how much you mess with it it sounds absolutely horrible when ran through the distortion, and yes it is in the correct order on my pedal board. I really like my MT-2 metal zone (grabs flame shield) you can say what you want about it but with my MXR 10 band EQ I'm able to really get a good sound out of it.
Probably either the ME-50 or the Blues Driver.
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I have the DS1, SD1, MT2, and CH1, and hate them all equally. In a loving, non-hating way. I just prefer my digitech grunge for most things, or light amp distortion.
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the equalizer..it makes me sound so much more professional.
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