Im just wondering but does anyone know a good distortion pedal for a sound like stp? Me and my band play alot of their music and i wanted a pedal for that sound? Ive been thinking on getting a digitech grunge and dont know if that will give me the sound im looking for but ill prob get it anyway
Test it out. Test out other similar distortion pedals. Problem solved.
My Gear:
-Schecter C-1 Plus (Vintage Sunburst)
-B-52 AT-212 Tube Combo
-ZW-44 Zakk Wylde Overdrive
-Digitech RP350 Multi-Effects Pedal
-Hamer Slammer Strat Copy
Digitech Grunge pedal is horrible. It's just a really high, trebbley pedal. I don't htink it'll give you anything close to the STP sound.
The old grunge pedals where awesome now the new ones suck big time. You'd be better off trying a DS-1.
BE ETREEEEEMELY CAREFUL WITH THESE PEDALS!!! distortion pedals tend ot create VERY different tones from amp to amp, from effects loop to effects loop. while your grunge may sound killer on a little practice amp, a lot of them sound horrible when applied to any ammount of real volume. make sure you are testing your pedals at gig or live volume levels. while this may annoy the guy at guitar center, it is very crucial. best lesson you will ever learn with pedals. trust me.
alright thanks but to you being you sound more expierenced than me, what is the best reasonably priced distortion pedal, and by the way are those guitar workstations worth the money and what do they do
Man the dude in STP uses Vox AC30's afaik, those are VERY distinct sounding amps, good luck finding a pedal to give you that tone.

Tell me, what kind of amp do you have? it would allow me to make a better suggestion
TEEP!!! Oiiiiiiieeeeeeeyyy!!!!!!