Im going to be getting a new guitar and i want either the RG1820X or the RG2570E.
I like the inlays and silver paint job on the rg2570e better than just black on the 1820, but the 1820 has the extra knobs. The 2570 i can get for $1375 and the 1820 for $1699. So which do you guys think is the better choice?
Well I have no experience with the 1820X, but I own a RG2570e Prestige and I can tell you that it is an amazing guitar. Playability is top notch, very easy fret access. Neck is very thin an fast. Trem stays in tune very well.

It is also a very versatile guitar. Some of the styles I play are blues, shred, metal, classic rock, prog and a wee bit of jazz. Does them all well too I might add

Only thing I may say is that you may want to upgrade the pickups, however if you are willing to spend 1700 on the 1820X then you can use the leftover money from the 2570e if you choose to buy it and upgrade the pickups.

Hope that helps.

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peizo is a small magnetic pickup that gives out a very very nice clean sound/tone that is very similar to a acoustic..
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piezo pickps use small ceramic crystals to generate electrical impulse from applied mechanical stress, ie. vibrations. There is no magnet involved, so they don't suffer from magnetic fields like regular pickups. They output a very broad frequency range compared to regular pickups, and are commonly used for acoustic applications. You will get much closer to the sound of an acoustic guitar with a piezo pup than a regular magnetic pickup.
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1820 X, but that is solely on the looks considering they are very similar guitars.
So which one has the better pickups? the 1820x has v7 and a v8, the 2570e has dimarzios, so which would be the best for playing metal songs?
DiMarzios are better, as they're real DMs, just Ibanez-branded. They might not be everyone's cup of tea - trebly neck, bassy bridge, but they have higher output than the Vs.

In essence, unless you're buying the 1820 specifically for piezo capability, there's no reason to buy it. Double Edge Pro costs a lot of money for something you're not going to use.
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alright, then it looks like i should just get the 2570E, thanks for all the help.