Poll: Sunburst strat: maple or rosewood
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18 67%
9 33%
Voters: 27.
Maple = Brighter, snappier tone. Apply some brown shoe polish to the neck and fretboard (lightly, mind you, and please do your best to miss the fret wire!) and you have great classic Strat looks.

Rosewood = Darker, richer tone. I own a Standard 3-Tone Burst Strat with a rosewood neck and I think this actually looks better than one with a maple neck. Slap on some aged plastic parts, age the back of the neck with some brown shoe polish, and you have one nice rig.
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maple for sure, i dont like rosewood on any colour finish

maple or ebony ftw!

(no ebony on a sunburst strat though :no
well its all what your used to. personally i like the jumbo rosewood fretboard on my tele a lot. but i also enjoy playing the maple fretboard of my peavy t60. its really what you get used to. if your in to metal go with the rosewood. anything else go with the maple, they have a c ertain feel that is really nice.
Another quick question.
Is there enough room under the strat bridge pickup for a humbucker if i get the standard mexi and later decide i want a humbucker?
Rosewood all the way. And the mexi strats are routed HSH if I'm not mistaken, so for a humbucker later just get a new pickguard or hack away at the old one.
Maple looks food if the headstock is the same colour. Rosewood looks way better of the neck and headstock have that delicious amber finish.
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