Just wondering what gauge of strings everyone here uses. I use 11. And to anybody else that uses 11's, I played a guitar with 9s on it and it felt like the strings hadnt even been tightened and I cant even really play them like I play 11's. Does anyone else do this?
9's for lead electric, 10's on rhythm electric, 11's for jazz electric, 13's on acoustic.
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i use beefy slinkys which are basically 11s and its harder for me to play lighter gauges
I used 13s for a long time and it really does make a big difference in the sound quality you get.
Now I'm using 10s just because they don't rip up my fingers so bad.
9's I'm too much of a pussey to get used to anything heavy
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Ernie Ball Slinky *10s*

I love that they last so long, without going flat.
i used to use nines but now i have 11s on my strat. It actually wasnt too hard to get used to, but the only problem is if i take a day off i have trouble playing the next day. i still have nines on my les paul, so i cant even play it, im just to sloppy with them now. i have always had 11s on my hollow body, but im thinking about moving those up to 12s or 13s.
i use 11s for the high strings, and my lows go down to a 70s....yesss, they are like bass strings, zakk wylde lo's, they are freakin fantastic for crunching down on.

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dr. 10's

.11s are too thick, i just cant dig into them. .9's are too thin, they got no tone and bust to quick. edit: (just like your mom haha)

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what gauge does strings does zakk wylde use? anyone know?

Zakk Wylde uses elevator cables for strings.

Oh and i use a set of 10s on one guitar and 12s on another 2. But when all sets of strings are shot i think im gunna put 10.5s on. I like the lower gauges cuz i like th slight floppy feel of them.
I only use 9's anything heavier and my finger tips can't handle bending. How the hell do you bend 12's at standard tuning?
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10's on mine...

Anything lower, I don't like. I need to try some 11's or 13's soon though...but that'll crap up my intonation, etc.
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i use to use 9-42 on my jackson floyd guitars, but i was told to check out DR tite-fit strings well all the store had was 10-46 they were sold out of the 9-42,, and i must say wow DR tite fit strings sound great and play nice.. i use to play daddario for the past 20 years... i found me a new strings to buy.. and new gauge. i play heavy metal megadeth etc.. and wow glade i tried these and went back to tens...

i tried tens years ago but never liked them, but 10s are a big change over 9s.. in sound and feel..
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9's for lead electric, 10's on rhythm electric, 11's for jazz electric, 13's on acoustic.

You know thats not true, Slash Uses 11s-13s to play. Kirk Hammet uses . 10s to 52s
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You know thats not true, Slash Uses 11s-13s to play. Kirk Hammet uses . 10s to 52s

That's what he personally uses. Der.

I switch around between string gauges a lot. I have Blue Steel 13's on one electric for downtuning, Zakk Wylde Boomers (10-60) on my other electric, and I believe I have D'Addario EXP 11's on my acoustic.
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I use 12s, they just sound nicer and have better tension when I downtune.
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i use Ernie ball hybrids 9 - 46

useful for lead and riffing

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hell ya Ernie Ball kiks. I use Ernie Ball RPS Custom 9's and 10's
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currently 11-50 though, trying DR strings. dont like them. too jangly/bright. its like STFU strings
zakk wylde doesn't use elevator cables, but dimebag used barbed wire


i use tens
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10s or flatwound 13s, depeding on what I feel like playing when its time for a string change

Its definitely awkward going from 13s to 10s though, they feel like toys. And when using 13s, I cant allow myself to play other peoples guitars (with 9s). Just too damn easy too bend them into pieces
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10s. The strings are DR Pure Blues, and they sound awesome.
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I use John Pearce 10-52 with the wonky B. It's weird, the gauges go .10, .11, .15, .32, .42, .52.. It's for bending, and its actually really useful.