Me and my friend wrote this in maybe 5-10 min. I don't think its intended to be serious, lol.


I eat raw fish,
and it makes me want to

Neanderthal Rising,
I eat my fish,
I T-bag and T-bag my delightful dish.

I'm am the Beast,
I reep my harvest of savory meats,
without, my skull rings of


Don't wake me up or I'll throw my spear.
Hibernate at night,
and wake in the day,
and for breakfast I eat my fish filet!!!


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lol even if it's supposed to be funny, it's not very good. i dont even know where to start. ugh

lol, you make me laugh.
haha it makes me giggle... bahaha
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Incest, the game the whole family can play. Now for ages 3+

Close thread? kthnxggnore

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lol.. i thought it was pretty funny.
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lol do i make you laugh in a good way? or in a your stupid sort of way?

stupid way, I was quite bored as you can tell