I really like customizing guitars, so I want to know what guitars to keep an eye out for that would be good fix-er-uppers. I would like it to be a metal-ish guitar. Any ideas? thanks.
Two Yamahas that are great shredders..

RGZ621, a lot like an Ibanez RG550 but slightly thicker neck.
RGX1212s. Thru neck, very similar to Jackson/Charvel superstrats.

Both guitars in great shape can be had for less than $400.
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cheap ibanez's, jackson's, or esp ltd's
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there is this ltd i saw at a pawn shop, it is all black and had a fixed strat stlye birdge (no trem bar hole).It also has a reverse headstock. Any clue what kind this is?
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Could be a Mirage, LTD made Mirage's for a while. But the best guitar to soup up is a Ibanez RG120. Plain as shi*t but an Ibanez to boot.