hey guys, ive been playin for 5 years and i have used the rp80 line for a while but im thinking of switching to individual pedals. Any ideas? My budget is very good because the place i go to, my sisters best friend is the executor. i got a sg there for 600 ;]
yes buy individual pedals. they are so much more versitile than multieffects and they sound better too.
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if ur goin for individual ur def be needing a tube screamer, id recommend the vintage over hte normal one. but u prolly already knew that having been playing for 5 years. ok thats all i had to say
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Yup. Tubescreamer is a pick.
and a wah, maybe an EQ, Compressors are nice to have.
aditional overdrive might be cool if u got a stubborn tube amp that doesn't get the drive.
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