im sorry, but no one said anything in the South Park thread, and i really need to know. what's the name of the episode where Cartman sings "kyle's mom's a biatch" OTHER than "Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo?" heres a link to the one im talking about:
plz dont ban me or hate me. im desparate. Thanks!
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Try allsp.com, they stream basically every south park episode. It looks like it would be in the first or second season though.
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That's the movie.

I second. Bigger longer and uncut, if you need the exact name.
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That's the movie.

spoilers below

the club cartman is talking about is an anti-terrance and phillip club (i cant remember the name of it) that led to their capture and almost death.
he first sang it in an episode, which is why in the film he says "come on everybody you know it"

its from a christmas episode he starts singing because kyles mum starts bitching about how its anti-jewish