This is my band's original, it may seem awkward, but with vocals it works quite well. Let me know what you think. The gap in guitar is for a solo, we're a three piece band, so I can't play rhythm then.

Comments are definately appreciated.


EDIT: forgot link, wow....
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EDIT: forgot link, wow....

haha nice one

i like the rythems you have going on its really catchy.
i suggest you find another guitarist to play your solos.
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Its a good progression overall but its too repetative to be a song in my opinion. There needs to be some change somewhere. I think it would be pretty cool if for the solo, there was more of a break down.

For example, lead into the solo with some massive high bend which brings the key up a third (for the solo), with a climactic drum roll and bass fill which explodes with the solo.

Actually now that I think of it, let the first solo lead into another solo bringing the key up another third in similar fashion as before, and possibly again another third..etc

Then again thats not so much of a crit but rather a reworking of your song.. . Do what you will

give that a crit if you can find time.
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Check it out
i like the classic blues style, but it has a nice flair, especially rhythmically
i'll be excited to hear it with the lyrics and everything
this kind of chord progression is perfect for just unloading a sweetass solo, and instead of (or in addition to) you could trade off a bit between guitar and vocals to break up the song more
on a similar note, i think it could use a bridge or something to break it up a little more

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