Anyone seen a tab of Welcome To This World from the Rhinoplasty album on the net? I can only find the Pork Soda version..:<
no...they arent.

the rhinoplasty version has no lyrics and its just like funk-style bass for 4 mins, and the Pork Soda version is all tapping and stuff with lyrics..
Ok, my mistake...Turns out it was called Welcome To This World on my winamp, the song is actually called Silly Putty..

Anyone know where any Guitar Pro tabs for Silly Putty are? :P
silly putty is a stanley clarke song they covered on that album. Look under Stanley Clarke, if you can't fnind the claypool version, which isn't a ton different. I don't know where you got welcome to this world outta that though....

edit- I just read how your winamp is retarded, sorry.
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