please list some easy picking songs to learn. i have only been playing a few months and not to good at hammer ons and pull offs. i really hate strumming too so any songs that got you started would help.
Hate it or not, stumming is a must for any guitarist. Learn to do it or it's gonna set you back alot.
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you hate strumming? uhh... what? consider a different instrument?
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Strumming is kind of essential for playing guitar...
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behind blue eyes... limp bizccuitt
**** her gently.... tenacious d
is there anybody out there.... pink floyd
more than a feeling.... boston
stairway to heaven.... led zeppelin

I dunno I can't think of any lol
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Yeah, I hate to be the non-fun guy, but avoiding something you're having trouble with won't help at all... You should probably look for a song (simple) that involves hammer ons, pull offs, and strumming.

First song that comes to mind is Pantera's Suicide Note Pt. 1.

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if i were you ide by a beginner guitar book, there loaded with easy picking songs to help you progress. i no you said you cant strum but try 'knocking on heavens door' by bob dylan, its only like 3 chords n if the strumming is difficult at the start dont use a pattern, just strum the first chord and when the next chord comes just do a single strum again, as it gets easier add in the strumming pattern. hope this helps you.
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If you don't like strumming anything by Kenny G should be good for ya.
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