there's some problem with one of the tracks, pretty hardcore static happened a few times. sounded like someone was screwing with the mic jack while you were recording.
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it sounds pretty good, it would sound even better if you made your voice a little raspier when covering cobain, if possible
yeah i noticed that, i think its because i tried something with audio effects. As for the raspier voice, i wasnt really trying to sound exactly like kurt because it usually comes out all nasily and crappy. Ill give it a shot though.
Sounds good except for the chorus vocs, it seems like you couldn't hit the high notes on "hey! wait!" But damn good other than that and the noise interference.
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sounds good, but you should get one of those things that eliminates plosives and nasal stops. i forget what theyre called though...maybe plosive filters? something like that
Is it just me or could the voice in certain parts be a tad bit more intense, but besides that. Yall are honestly one of my favorite cover bands, great covers!