I need to know what kind of pickups are in the hofner violin bass from the icon series. I've done some looking around and couldn't find much. i'm not good at looking for things on the net really. and if anybody knows anything about the kind of tone they would have that would be great. here's a link to the actual bass on musiciansfriend.


Thx for your help everybody.
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I played that exact bass and it was the second worst sounding bass I've ever played (the first being a fretless Gibson EB-1). Those basses are short scale, and somehow manage to be clackity while sounding completely like mud at the same time. It must be the airy semihollowness. Hofners were never good basses; Paul only chose one because 1) he's a stingy bastard and it was half the price of a Precision, and 2) Hofners wouldn't look as goofy as Precisions being played left-handed. Hofner is really making as much money as they can off of it's celebrity status. The tone is the the sound of a fart in a box. Put a credit card on your mouth and hum with your nose plugged, if you can't find a big enough box.

I don't know if you noticed, but I don't like Hofners.
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