i reely like playin bass and my friends think im pretty good at it but after a while of playing i get boored i want a whole song i can play on bass so far iv just been playing the bass line from my fav songs.
so what is a WHOLE song i can play on bass
try day tripper by the beatles if you're into that. if not, crazy train is pretty easy with a bit of practice. try to find a song from a band you like and work on it til you get it down
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Pink Floyd-money. Pretty much the same tune played over and over. Very easy to play and quite fun. Has the main melody and a slight variation or two.

Ok Go-A million ways. It is harder, but i am a beginner so an intermediate player could do it easily. It has the main melody and sounds very good.
Just to give you an idea of the Ok Go one.

A|--7-7-7\----------------------------5-7-------5-7--------5----| X 4

Im sure you have heard Pink Floyd money.
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Soul to Squeeze by RHCP is an awesome song to play


Also good is Darkshines by Muse - always kept me interested ^_^

Maybe some of Coheed and Cambria's longer songs (that don't involve too much double thumping) will keep you interested - they have plenty of key changes and tempo alterations to keep you busy, and interested!
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